Frequently Asked Question


When and Where?

 The Midwest Queer Comedy Festival will be held in multiple venues around Louisville, Kentucky, August 21st -25th, 2019.  

What is the submission fee?

 The submission fee is non refundable. Remember to copy your receipt code from PayPal, to complete the submission form.

$15 - Jan 1 - Feb 1
$20 - Feb 1 - Mar 1
$25 - Mar 1 - Apr 1  

Do I have to be LGBTQ+ to get into the festival?

 Short answer is: No, allies are welcome.
The festival is open to all stand-up comedians. Though the festival is queer centric, geared towards a queer audience, and will be benefiting LGBTQ+ organizations. 

Are you taking submissions for anything other than stand up?

 We have our headliners in place.
We are open to improv, sketch and theme shows, and podcasts being part of the festival. Email with inquiries.

What info do you need?

Right now all we need is  your name, and  a clear  video (set to public, and not  password protected).  Check out the video guidelines

Other questions?

If you have a question we didn't cover here, or you would like more information please don't  hesitate to contact us  or email at